Friday, 13 August 2010

Things discovered

After getting increasingly stressed all this week about getting behind with 23 Things, and muttering enviously every time I saw someone else's blog pass the finishing line, now that I've almost finished I feel a bit regretful. But, to sum up:

I've most enjoyed:
* Finding that these Things were a lot easier than I ever thought!
* Trying out new things
* Being able to talk to other people about them

I will definitely use:
* Google Docs - for shared editing of funding applications and publicity
* Wordpress - for project blogs
* Wikis - for discussion documents (eg. the UL "Working together" paper)

I'd like to try:
* recording people reading aloud very short extracts from books in the Tower and putting these into our blog, possibly a Hallowe'en ghost story?

I wish I'd had more time for:
* Reading other people's blogs - some people write posts with a lot of content in them, that deserve more attention than my speed reading on late duty.
* Posting comments on other people's blogs

I'm still not convinced by:
* Twitter (though I'm a convert to JournoTwit)

The future: the main question that's been bothering me all through 23 Things is "These 23 things are the things I need to know, and other people have identified them for me. How will I identify the things I need to know about in future?" But now I've realised that I can "just" try things out and talk about them to other people. In fact, carry on using the skills that Cam23 has taught me. 23 Things is not about informed people telling you what to do (though I'm very grateful when they do) but about empowering people to find out answers for themselves. And I really do feel that has happened: many many thanks to the Cam23 team, it's been one of the best educational experiences I've had.


  1. I love the short stories idea - in fact, it sounds like a good possibility for a series of podcasts!

  2. I just noticed while writing my conclusion post that the tower project blog is the first result on google using that phrase. Good job with your search engine optimization!

  3. Ooh, I love the short stories idea, too. The slideshows of images from Tower books are really engaging, and hearing some of the text to go along with them would be even better.